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Here's my problem. I'm a non-materialist, super minimalist. I did't used to be. When I was younger, I had all sorts of posters and toys on display, figures of stuff I liked, decorations, etc. Then I went through a relationship that stripped it all away. I was blind to what was going on, just like any relationship you throw yourself into. Once it began to sour, I started to realize I had lost myself and life was just rolling along at such a speed that I never took the time to put myself back together.

I moved on having only the bare minimum of my possessions. We're talking about just what you could fit in a trunk and backseat. Ever since then, that's what I held on to; just the minimum. The kind of minimum where I would be fine in an efficiency. Still would and it shows because I have one corner of a room where all my stuff is. Laptop, drafting table, crafting supplies; all packed and stacked together.

This is a huge part of my problem with my crafts. I really enjoy working on things, but I don't feel like I connect with them. I'm a fan of a lot of things, but I keep it all inside. That relationship broke me of wanting. It quite seriously almost makes me cry when I think about getting something for myself anymore. I have no problem getting gifts for others. Friends and family express their want of certain things and I am immediately taking mental notes of the when and how. But turn that question on me, like people do twice a year, and you get back a frown, a shrug, and silence.

That's why I've always been so heavy on requesting commissions. I need direction. When I was building our website, I developed fourteen different layouts before my wife realized it and picked one she liked for me to focus on. I've done several projects hoping because so many people I know have expressed their interest in a topic, that the items would sell well. Every single one has had minimal or absolutely no follow-through from the public. 

How can I make things people would want when I can't even want things for myself?
So many times lately I feel like just getting rid of it all and giving up.


It's up and active! My Patreon to support learning and creating airbrush art. I'm not expecting contributions without showing results, but encouraging words and sharing this around would also mean a lot! Thank you to those that believe in my ability!!
Boosting this regarding my airbrushing venture. 
Instead of cramming yet another craft into my gallery, I decided to dedicate a separate account to my airbrush learning. If you are interested, it would be encouraging for you to follow me: khris-kinner

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